Designating rental agreements to specific properties.

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    I have 3 properties each have a specific rental agreement. How do I designate a specific rental agreement to use for each property? Also a “book it now” will use the agreement marked default. How can I specify the correct contract for “book it now”?

  • Hi @steve-harrison,

    Thank you for reaching out, those are great questions.

    The official and best way to have per-property rental agreements is to have 1 rental contract for each property and one booking policy for each property.

    There are a couple of ways to assign specific rental agreements to specific properties depending on whether you want to upload the rental agreement per property or just choose a specific rental agreement when sending a quote.

    One way would be to create a custom field on the property level here. For the data type, choose File Upload.
    Once you have the custom field set up, you can go into your individual properties and upload each specific rental agreement into the custom field.

    Alternativly, if you just like to specify the rental agreement to be used when sending quotes, you can upload all of the specific rental agreements here. Then when you go to send a quote, in the rental terms step you can choose which rental contract to send with the quote.

    As far as specifying the rental contract used for “book it now”, you will need to edit your default booking policy here. In the Quote Defaults tab, you can choose to use a specific Rental Contract. For this to be an option and not greyed out, you will need to upload a rental agreement here. As mentioned priorly, the best way to handle per-property rental agreements would be to create a separate booking policy for each property. To do this you would just create new booking policies instead of editing your default booking policy.

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