Anyone using PriceLabs for Dynamic Pricing on MyVR?

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    Greetings All;

    I've been looking at various Dynamic Pricing software that would work with the MyVR platform and I found that PriceLabs in fact does integrate (Beta only right now).

    Was wondering if anyone has experimented with any Dynamic Pricing software and if so, who satisfied are you with it? If anyone has used PriceLabs, how did you find it? Was it useful? Have you kept with it?

    Any other feedback is certainly welcomed.



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    Would love to see an answer to this question, too. Beyond Pricing says they "seamlessly integrate" with MyVR but I'd love to know how that works. Open to other options as well... With 6 listings on multiple platforms (channel integration doesn't work for me), I'm overwhelmed with trying to keep rates updated, discount as needed, etc.

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