Renter mailing address?

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    Is there any way to input the renter mailing address other than editing a reservation?

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    I struggled with this when my VRBO reservations imported. I was updating the customer contact then adding a quote and that would wipe out the address I had just entered and had to do it again in the reservation process. I finally just went the route of adding the reservation and all the customer info at that time. I did not submit a ticket as there is just too much work going on to just get my setup done.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @carole,

    Yes, there is a way to request it from the guest. If you look at your booking policies, you'll see that there is a "Require Renter Address" option. When set to yes, guests will have to enter their address and it will get saved to the quote that’s generated.

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    @wendy-gold I have seen that, and I do require people who come in from my site to enter all their info. The issue is when we have reservations that import from 3rd party like VRBO. When those come over none of the address info comes in.

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