Anyone interested in ability to have Rates repeat next year with a owner determined percentage increase???

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    Hello All MyVR Users;

    I’m just wondering if there is anyone else out there who would like to see an option when building weekly rates that would allow us to choose a "Repeat Annually with a percentage increase that owners/managers could select???

    In our area, we experience a rate increase between 5 - 20 % annually. I doubt that we are the only area that experiences some degree of rate increase and I think it would be GREAT to have ability to click on a “Repeat Annually” with a X.X% increase.

    Would love to hear what other MyVR’s think on this.



  • Hi @John-Hughes,

    That is a very interesting idea! As always, the best way for you – or anyone else interested in this feature – to get your requests in front of our product team is to submit a feature request.


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