Import a VRB0/HA listing to update?

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    Hi. Can I use this process, outlined here:
    to update existing listings or is that for new properties only?

    It would be so convenient since my VRBO/HA are the more updated.

  • Hi @mary-beth-ericson,

    Thank you for your question. The property import process outlined there can update existing properties. However, if the properties weren’t originally imported using that tool they might not be updated (a new property would be created instead). While a new property might be created, it can always be deleted so there’s no risk to trying this.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions.

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    Thank you, @Wendy-Gold Wendy/ Is there a way to create a new property but then port over all the reservation data for the old property?

  • Hi @mary-beth-ericson,

    That’s a great question. It would be possible to import old HomeAway reservation data into a new MyVR listing, but it couldn’t be done using the usual property importer. Reservation imports are a paid service, you can see more here.

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    @Wendy-Gold, let’s say that in order to make use of this new import tool I set up new properties via imported listings from HA/VRBO. Those would be intended to replace the existing, outdated listings on myvr.

    Then I would pay $.99 per reservation to have those imported?

    There’s no way to simply transfer my existing reservations (which are already imported to myvr under the existing properties) to the new properties? Why couldn’t I simply use the property drop down to select the new property name?

    Mary Beth

  • Hi @Mary-Beth-Ericson ,

    If you use the importer tool to create new listings that are intended to replace the old listings you would still need to pay the $0.99 per reservation if you would like an employee at MyVR to handle migrating your reservations from the old properties to the new properties.

    Regarding manually associating the reservations with the new properties, this is doable in theory. As you mentioned, you can use the dropdown menu to select the new property in every single reservation and inquiry that you currently have. This would, however be incredibly labor intensive and will likely result in some things breaking along the way.

    I highly recommend that you manually migrate the property data over from HomeAway. While this option will require some work, it doesn’t create the risk for downstream issues like attempting to re-associate your old inquiries, reservations, websites, automations, etc. with a new property would.

    Finally, I recommend that you look into our HomeAway for Owners app. This, like our other channel management apps, will allow you to manage your keep your property data (e.g. rates, fees, descriptions) and calendar in MyVR and have everything sync automatically to HomeAway.

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    Hi, @Danny-Eiden . I did consider the app and spent the better part of a month trying to work out the details with a few MyVR employees via email. The bottom line is that I eventually discovered with the properties that I have, channels I use, and the way I market my properties “what you’re looking for isn’t unheard of, but we don’t have a good way of supporting it yet.”

    It was a real bummer to hit that brick wall. 😢

    That’s one reason I’m trying to simplify by at least being able to update properties in a more streamlined way.

    Thanks, though.

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