Managing enquiries from multiple sources

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    Hello! We own a property in France and have a listing on, we also use a ground agent in France, and take enquiries through the property website AND via TripAdvisor. We get a good level of enquiries from all of these sources. However it's all getting a bit complicated as there is not one 'master diary' for each enquiry source to reference.

    We've been recommended to use myvr but don't want to sign up if it can't provide what we need. We have our own diary on our website and would like that to be the lead diary (we don't really want to start a new website with myvr), can the availability/calendar function within myvr sync and import and export from our website to all other sources and provide real time availability to enquirers?

    Found it very hard to actually ask myvr anything, gone round and round in circles! We're not super tech savvy so any advice would be so helpful.

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    Hi @Kirsty-Hepburn

    Drop us a quick email at - and we can go over your questions.

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