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    I setup my website under the as I have a domain that I was working on a Wordpress site but decided to go with MyVR instead. I pointed my domain per the instructions provided. But thereafter I get mixed results on which website displays when I go to my domain name of oceanfront shelter.cove. Sometimes it's the old site I was working on and other times it's the MyVR site.

    When I signed up with SiteGround to host a WP site, I had changed only the NameSpaces in my domain to point to SiteGround and did not have any issues with that. But with the CNAME and A type changes recommended, I'm getting mixed results. And yes, I have cleared my browsing history and cache.

    I have alternated between making ad primary vs primary.

    I can't seem to compare with Google and Firefox because I keep getting warnings the site is not secure. However, with those browsers the MyVR site does come up.

    Suggestions?1_1519113069445_A and CNAME.jpeg 0_1519113069444_Nameserver.jpeg

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    Hi @mary-freiberg,

    Sometimes it takes up to 24-48 hours for DNS changes to propagate. Both domains are now pulling up your MyVR website.

    If you need any further assistance with this, please open a support request so that we can investigate further.

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