Mark an inquiry declined?

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    In the sort menu there is an option to sort by “Declined” inquiries. Where can I mark the inquiry as declined?0_1519035306930_decline.jpg

  • Hi @Carole,

    Good question, sorry for the confusion. At one point in time you could “decline” inquiries but that functionality has since been deprecated. That “Declined” filter that you see in that menu used to be used for selecting those “declined” inquiries. We’re working on removing that filter.

  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to jump in and add a little context. While inquiries cannot be declined, this is one way to select inquiries that have associated declined reservations. Reservation requests can still come in as approved / declined.

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    This is a good item as a feature request - I was thinking that I needed to be able to sort by inquiries by the tags that they have. You could create a tag that says “declined” and then if we submit a feature request for sorting and filtering by tags, we might have a powerful feature! 🙂

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