Is the only way to use the MyVR website templates is to have MyVR host my domain?

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    I just signed up and I am not finding any definitive information that clearly states that to use the MyVR website templates I need to move my domain over to MyVR to host. Is this true? I was hoping to keep my hosting provider and utilize all the features of MyVR and the websites on my domain that is hosted with SiteGround. I have email for my domain setup and SSL but I’m not seeing that either of those are provided with MyVR other than SSL on the booking page.

    Also, what is the difference in the free templates and whatever is charged at $19/mo with a $199 setup cost?

  • Hi @Mary-Freiberg ,

    In order to use MyVR website templates, the website must be hosted through MyVR. That said, most domain registrars can be configured to point at MyVR websites. If you didn’t already have a domain name, we also provide a service to register domains directly through MyVR.

    Please see the following help article for more information about this:

    SSL Support is coming, see the following community post for more information:

    The monthly cost and setup cost you are referring to is the cost of hosting the website. We provide a number of templates that you can use as a foundation for your website.

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