$400 for Homeaway integration?

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    So you cant integrate Homeaway without paying $400? Is this for all my listings or just one listing? Why is this being charged? Also Does Homeaway let any PMS get full free access?


  • Hi @ishmael,

    Thanks for your inquiry. The fee you see on the HomeAway for owners offering is for the cost of the listing itself. As you know, when you go to HomeAWay.com and purchase a listing, it costs $499. This is what the $399 (soon to be $499) is covering. We’re not marking up the cost.

    Users with 5 or more properties are eligible for the Property Manager integration, where the listing billing relationship is between the property manager and HomeAway. We provide a unique solution for owners with fewer than 5 properties where they can have integrated listings and those listings are in a shared HomeAway Property Manager account.

    All listings that reside in the shared HomeAway account are subscription based listings that HomeAway charges $499 for. A HomeAway annual listing subscription is included in an Everything Bundle. For users on the Flexible Plan, HomeAway subscriptions are $499 for each listing.

    For more information, please see the following HomeAway article: https://help.homeaway.com/articles/How-much-does-an-Annual-Subscription-cost

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    Question - when our listing expires, would the Channel listing become inactive or removed if we do not resubscribe? Are there any options to allow the commission based Homeaway tie-in if you only have one property like we do?



  • Hi @darrell-looney112 ,

    By default HomeAway’s listing subscriptions auto renew. If for some reason payment for the listing failed, the listing would become inactive. There are currently no options for using the pay per booking type listings with the HomeAway for owners offering.

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