Raising rates to cover commissions

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    Hi all,

    I’ve just enabled full integration with Property and prices are syncing properly.

    During my 1:1 training, it was noted that I would have the option of raising my rates by a percentage to adjust for’s high commission rates. But I can’t find that option anywhere in myVR’s channel managment area. Can anyone help with this? I would like to have an across-the-board rate adjustment specifically for this channel.

    The forums refer to a “Rate & availability controls by integrated channel” suggestion, but I can find no reference there either. Just FYI, I’m using the for owners app.

    I received my first reservation almost immediately, so I’ll have to eat this one. But I’m hoping the prices can be adjusted for future bookings.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Hi @John-Bennett,

    I am sorry, but I think you may have been misinformed. We do not currently offer specific rate adjustments for integrated listings. You can raise your rates a bit to make up for’s commission rate, but any change you make to your rates will apply everywhere.


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    Hi John,

    You may work with your Account manager at to set which portions of their Commission/Booking Fee you wish to “Include” or “Exclude”.

    In other words, we tell them what portion we will pay from our payout (Include) and what portion is to be added on as a Fee to the Traveler (Exclude).

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    Hi John, Let me know if you were successful with adding their fee on top of rental rates.

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