Can my old reviews be recovered?

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    Two years ago when I integrated HomeAway/VRBO with MyVR, reviews were not able to transfer. I lost about 110 5-star reviews. Now that reviews are able to integrate, is there any way I can get my reviews back?

    I made a copy of the reviews before the integration.

  • Hi @Donna-Notaro,

    It might be possible to recover those reviews, but it will depend on whether HomeAway has kept the reviews. Given that it has been 2 years, it’s possible that those have been archived.

    You will need to open a support ticket with us to start this process. The process will involve emailing HomeAway (with you CC’d) with the old listing ID’s and the new listing ID’s identified. We are happy to help with this, so please open a support request when you’re ready.

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    I recently had a need to access something in an old VRBO account that’s been inactive for over 3 years. It took some thinking to remember my old password, but the entire listing is still there. Reviews and every inquiry I ever received (names only, because they hide all the contact info now).

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