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    Does anyone know why the Flipkey for Owners app has its own dedicated auto-responder (labelled “Channel Responder” in the app)?

    I have inquiry autoresponders set up in my message templates and have activated them: Is there any reason to keep the FlipKey channel responder active? Right now, the prospective guest gets two auto-responses: the Channel autoresponder, followed by my regular one.

    If this is somehow notifying Flipkey directly that a response is being made, I can understand that it may be worthwhile to keep. Otherwise, would you recommend I disable it?

  • Hi @John-Bennett,

    Great question. This channel-specific autoresponder is specifically integrated with FlipKey to improve your search ranking. Here is some documentation for the FlipKey channel responder that explains how it works. This text is only displayed when you disable the channel responder, so it’s easy to miss.

    Listings on TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals place higher in search results when their inquiries have fast response times. The channel responder helps your listings’ exposure by automatically sending a reply to an inquiry immediately after it is received. The channel responder message is different than your inquiry responders because it is sent to a special email address instead of directly to a potential guest. When the channel receives this message, they forward the message to the inquirer and record the response time. Because these messages are sent through the channel, they must be short, text only, with no links, or email addresses. It is highly recommened that you use these in addition to your inquiry responders to increase your listing exposure and maximize your conversions to bookings.


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    Thanks, Danny. Just noticed this answer now. I appreciate the feedback.

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