Airbnb "Calendar Only" Sync Warning

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    For anyone that doesn’t know. I just learned the hard way.

    In AIRBNB if you set your “Booking Window” to Forever. Guests will be able to book years out. BUT… AIRBNB will not export or import anything past 1 year from today. So, if today is 2/5/18 and a reservation is made for 3/10/19-3/15/19. That specific reservation won’t come into MYVR as an imported entry.
    AND… If I got the same reservation originating from MYVR it wouldn’t be imported into AIRBNB. The issue has nothing to do with MYVR.

    A big flaw!

  • Hi @Ralph-Hoover,

    Thanks for mentioning this to our other users. You are right, this is a limitation imposed by Airbnb. They do not allow Basic Calendar Syncing (iCal syncing) for any dates past a year in the future.


    PS: I’ve moved this over to “Best Practices” to make it easier to find for other MyVR users.

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