Automatically update rates on non-integrated listings?

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    Has anyone found a way to automate or even manually transmit updated rates from MyVR to other listing sites that are not on integrated listing sites?

    I have some listings with, which is a good lead source for me, but I have Beyond Pricing which changes my rates daily and prices them daily. I can’t update all of my properties with 365 new rates every day.

    My prospective guests have been complaining that my rates are not accurate on a regular basis.

    I’d like to find a way that I can push rates to them - but don’t know where to begin for help…

    Has anyone done this?



  • Hi @Jenny-Oest,

    At MyVR, we strongly believe in being an open platform. We want you to be able to use the property data stored in our product to better market your vacation rentals. As a result, we have a robust API that you can use to get data out of MyVR, including rates.

    MyVR API - Rates

    That is how you can get your rates out of MyVR. How to get them into is up to you.


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