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    Can anyone confirm that the FlipKey channel is included in the myVR for Owners Everything package? I’ve installed the FlipKey application, and in the details in explains that it will cost $399 to purchase the FlipKey subscription:

    For this specific channel (fewer than 5 listings), MyVR actually buys the listing in our own TripAdvisor account on your behalf, and we populate the listing with your property data within your MyVR account.

    Listing Regular Price MyVR Price MyVR Savings
    TripAdvisor/FlipKey Bundle $499 $399 + 1.49% of net bookings† Save $100"

    Then, when ready to start integration, a button labelled “Purchase listing” is presented.

    I’m pretty sure this should all be included in the Everything bundle, but the terminology and explanation are making me pause. If anyone could clarify that if I will or will not be charged extra when integrating my properties with FlipKey, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


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    I will answer my own question: I went ahead and clicked “Purchase listing”: myVR quoted the same price, then when it came time to confirm, the subscription price was listed as $0.00.

    So, I’m in the queue!

    I’d suggest that the messages concerning pricing be made clearer to those on the “Everything” bundle. Other than that, so far so good…

  • Hi @John-Bennett ,

    Thank you for investigating and finding the answer your own question. We’re always looking to improve, and we appreciate the feedback that we should make the pricing more clear. If you want to make sure that our product team sees your feedback, the best way is to contact them directly using our feedback form.


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