What should I do if I accidentally mark an inquiry as spam? (or deleted)

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    I recently made this mistake with a booking request, which gave me quite a scare. But with a little digging I found this solution so I thought I’d share it here.

    It’s easy to mark an inquiry as spam - if it truly IS spam. Marking it as spam also moves it to the archives.


    If this happens, all you have to do is to use the search function to search for the name - it will still be found:


    Select the marked inquiry, and then return to the options menu. Select the option to remove the spam filter, and it will also unarchive the message thread.


    Voila - you’re back in business 🙂

    Use a similar technique to retrieve a deleted thread. Search for the thread, select it, and then archive it. Then search again, and unarchive it. 🙂

    Hope that helps!

    – Jenny

  • Hi @Jenny-Oest,

    Thanks for writing this up! This is a great way to recover an inquiry that has been archived or marked as spam. I also want to mention that you can find any archived inquiry in the inquiries list. Simply click on “Search & Filters” and check the box labelled “Archived”.

    0_1517343387683_Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.15.35 PM.png

    Just like the inquiry detail view, you can unarchive and remove the spam flag from inquiries in the list view.


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