Assign Users to Reservations

  • Organize your team and improve accountability with MyVR’s new Reservation Assignment feature. Just like with inquiries, you can now assign a MyVR user to manage a particular reservation. Your users will be able to quickly view the reservations they are assigned to, empowering them to focus on what matters to them. Along with releasing reservation assignment, we are also improving how we communicate important events to your users. You can now customize what notifications get sent to both reservation assignees and inquiry assignees. You can, for example, notify inquiry assignees of new messages from renters while notifying reservation assignees of any payments made on a reservation. How you organize and notify your users is entirely up to you!

    How It Works

    Assigning Users to Reservations

    There are two ways to assign a user.

    Assign from the Reservation List
    Open the dropdown menu on the right of a reservation entry and click “Assign User”.


    Select the user you want to assign.


    View the assigned user by hovering over the reservation details in the list.


    Assign from the Reservation Detail View
    Click on the button next to “Assigned” in the Stay Details panel.


    Select the user you want to assign.


    View the assigned user next to “Assigned” in the Stay Details panel. You can click on the assigned user to change it again.


    Viewing Your Assigned Reservations

    While viewing the list of reservations, click on “Search & Filters”. This will open the search panel.


    You can either toggle the “Show Assigned to Me” switch to view the reservations assigned to you, or you can select any user from the dropdown menu.


    Manage Assignee Notifications

    Notifications sent to inquiry and reservation assignees are managed by MyVR’s Notification Rules. To edit these rules, go to Setup > Notifications > Notification Rules.


    Your account will have some default notification rules set up for inquiry and reservation assignees.You can also set up new notification rules to message assignees.


    Reservation assignees are notified of renter messages, stale reservation requests, reservation bookings, reservation cancellations, and overdue payments by default. Inquiry assignees are notified of new inquiries, renter messages, reservation requests, and reservation bookings by default.


    These default notification rules for reservation and inquiry assignees are fully editable and even deletable if you don’t want them. MyVR’s reservation and inquiry assignment allows you to manage your teams however works for you!

  • Advisor

    @Danny-Eiden Does the user need free and full access to MyVR in order to be assigned a reservation? Or asking the question in reverse, will this mean that someone I assign will have free and full access to my MyVR system and the ability to see everything within my account?

  • Hi @Carole,

    Every user in your MyVR account has equal access to all of the features in your MyVR account. There are, however, a few exceptions. For example, only the account owner can delete other MyVR users in the account. User permissions (i.e. limiting what users have access to) is a feature that we would like to tackle in the future.


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