Promotions & Discount Codes

  • Drive new bookings to your properties using MyVR’s new Promotions feature. Create promo codes that provide discounts for all, some, or one of your properties. Reward renters staying for longer trips, encourage last-minute bookings to fill vacancies, or even provide guests with a discount code for future trips after checkout to create repeat customers. We have made it easy to incentivize reservations of all kinds with Promotions.

    How It Works

    Creating Promotions

    Creating a promotion is simple yet powerfully flexible. Start by navigating to Setup > Promotions. Then, click the “Add a Promotion” button.


    Next, work through the tabs of the Promotion editor. Fill out all of the required fields marked with an asterisk (*) and click “Create”.


    Redeeming Promotions

    If a property has an active promotion available, potential guests will see a button labelled “Enter Promo Code”. Clicking this will open a little modal for them to enter a code.

    0_1517008936057_rpp_before_promo_enter_button.png 0_1517008945753_rpp_enter_promo_modal.png

    If a user enters a code for a promotion that works for all of their stay details, the corresponding discount will be added to their quote. The renter can also view any terms and conditions you write for the promotion.


    You can see how many times a promotion has been redeemed in your list of promotions. Once a promotion has been redeemed, you can no longer edit it.


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