Is there a way to have an optional line item in quotes that owner/manager can select while building quotes?

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    Cold as heck here in Florida this morning…26 degrees at 7:30am…OUCH!!!

    Does anyone know if there is a way to have an optional line item on quotes that the owner/manager controls vs the guest?

    What I am looking to do is have the option of extending a certain percentage rate discount to two types of guests; current/former military, law enforcement, first responders and teachers; guests who have stayed with us before.

    Currently, I have to “Add new fee”, then “New Blank Fee”, type in discription, is it taxable or not and finally calculate the discount.

    It would be great to create an owner/manager controlled option (similar to the “Promotion”) that we can choose to add into quotes as we are building them and make the process fairly automatic.

    Am I missing that this is already available somehow???

    Thanks for responses,

    John H

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    I just figured out how to handle this under “properties”, “rental fees” section.

    Add it as a “fee”, “percentage of rent” and insert a NEGATIVE percentage.

    In case anyone else is/was/would like to ever do something similar.


    John H

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    @John-Hughes - You’ve got it! That’s exactly how I do my returning guest discounts or late booking discounts. I have a -% for several different scenarios.

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