How to provide different rental rates depending on rental package?

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    We have a house and a casita in our vacation rental. We would like to offer different nightly rates depending on whether they want just the house or the house and the casita. I have built the custom rates, but when I test the system out by selecting a set of dates it automatically gives me the more expensive (house+casita) quote. Can I allow people to select their rental package and then provide a quote?

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    @shaun-Robert - do you also book them separately? If not, you could treat the cassita as an optional fee. Could you then set the rental amount as a percentage of the house?


  • I agree with @Jenny-Oest. A fee would be perfect for this situation if you don’t rent the casita separately. Here is an example of what the fee could look like.

    0_1517356697156_Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.57.26 PM.png

    With this setup, your renters would be able to opt in or opt out of booking the casita from the checkout page. If they opt in, they would be charged an extra $100 per night of the stay. That amount charged would be subject to whatever taxes are being collected on the stay.


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