How do I send a link in a message for an integrated Airbnb booking?

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    Could you please advise whether a virtual tour link is present in the response I send back to an Airbnb enquiry or is it blocked out? Also my signature includes our website & Facebook address, is this also blocked?

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    @Michael-Page Since Airbnb blocks all links, personal information, web addresses and social media links/pages/profiles - I would guess that none of yours are reaching the inquiring guest when you answer an Airbnb inquiry. (Of course I wish I were wrong, maybe the MyVR folk can comment?)

  • You are correct, @Carole. Any link you send through Airbnb will be removed. That includes links to virtual tours, property websites, and Facebook pages.


    PS: I’ve changed the title of this topic to make it easier to find for other MyVR users

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