Limiting OTA rental windows

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    So the title might be confusing, but the idea is that since OTAs like and Airbnb hit you with typically higher fees, would it be possible to only allow them a certain renting window?

    Basically I don’t want or airbnb to book my condos any further than 60 days out. Ideally this would increase bookings on my personal rental site and OTAs with lower fees, while lowering the rentals I receive from higher fee sites without losing their exposure and ability to rent.

    Is this something MYVR can do? Is this something that can be looked in to?

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    @Chad-Service - are you using an integrated listing to those listing sites? If you are, then probably not as the system works now. You’d need to submit a feature request.

    BUT…if you are NOT using an integrated listing, here is an idea?

    You could use a different iCal link to import to your AirBNB and listings. You’d have to update that calendar manually to free up dates you want to open for their bookings. But you can just create your own separate iCal calendar, and block the dates farther out. Then import THAT calendar to the listing site. The only catch is, you have to make sure that the other listing site is NOT importing back to MyVR.

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    Makes sense but currently we are fully integrated. I didn’t expect there to be an easy way, but figured I’d ask. Thanks for your response Jenny as always!

  • Hi @Chad-Service,

    @Jenny-Oest is correct; there is currently no way to set a booking window for integrated listing sites. That would, however, make a great feature request.


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