How to add 2 reservations for a single guest?

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    Is there a way to have 2 reservations for a single guest? Currently when I add a new quote it gives credit to the deposit already paid for the 1st reservation.


    1. Guest booked property for 1st reservation and paid deposit

    2. Guest decided they want to return and stay the same property again a month later.

    3. How do I functionally add the 2nd reservation to her existing customer profile?


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    @Spencer-K-Bailey - You have to create two separate reservations.

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    @Jenny-Oest So essentially I will have 2 of that guest’s profiles in my system?

    I guess I got a bit confused because of the little tag next to the guest’s name in the reservation that says “1 reservation” I assumed you could just stack reservations on top of an existing guest profile.

    So mechanically I would go to reservations > new reservation > then re-input the guest’s details again?

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    Hi @Spencer-K-Bailey - that is correct. However, the customer/contact profile keys off the email, so both reservations would end up being linked to the same profile. You can see that there are now two showing for that guest.

    The icons that show up by the guest’s name indicate how many inquiries/reservations they have made in the past. The idea of creating a reservation from an existing profile is a good one.


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    @Spencer-K-Bailey - It’s only one contact if they have the same reservation.

    I typically just take the first reservation and then select “Copy Reservation” from the drop down action. That will copy everything for you - you can change the property and/or dates - whatever changes. I even copy the payment card info.

    If you don’t want them to get a lot of the duplicate reservation emails, you can manually turn off the automated ones in the outbox for one set of them, and just tell the guest that to avoid duplications, they may only get some of the informational emails for just one reservation.

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