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    I have larger properties (3 - 6 bedrooms). I have always priced my places with a minimum number of guests (usually 4 for a 3 bedroom) and then added a per person fee. I did this for 13 years without any questions. This last year that has changed and I am asked “why the extra guest fee if your place sleeps 12 people” on a regular basis by those who find me through HomeAway/VRBO (and by those who received my quotes when I first started using MyVR). I quickly learned to send out quotes to direct inquiries by manually adding the “extra guest fee” to the total fee, and deleting the “extra guest” charge so the the recipient never sees that the rate is made up of a standard rate plus extra guest fee - they just see a total. These people don’t question it.
    This week alone I’ve been questioned about my pricing by 5 out of 7 of the last inquiries I received.
    I do not want to change my pricing model - I am perfectly happy to have 4 adults who each want their own bedroom book my 4 bedroom/4 bath apartment - I’m happy with the money that brings in. I am also happy to have a multi-generation family of 12 staying (we have beds in the bedrooms for them) but having 12 people shower, use the amenities, etc, definitely costs more so they should pay more.
    I wonder if anyone has a succinct kind way to communicate this to inquiring potential guests without sounding snippy (because I’m getting a bit tired of the questioning 😞

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    Dear {{ first_name }},

    I’m happy to answer your question about our pricing structure. You’re not the first to ask this question.

    Over the years, we’ve learned in this business that the more guests we have with a reservation, the more the expense involved with utilities, cleaning, and even normal wear and tear. So rather than charge the same expense to every reservation, we charge a flat rate for the first 4 guests, and then an additional guest fee for each guest after that to cover our additional costs. We’ve learned that the smaller groups appreciate not being charged for 12 guests, and the larger groups understand why we have the additional fees.

    If you have any additional questions, I’d be happy to address them.

    Did you know that we also offer…

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    @Jenny-Oest to the rescue!

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    @Carole - Notice I formatted it as a template. Anytime I receive the same question frequently, templates to the rescue! 🙂

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