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    So for those of us that are looking to save the $100 price increase and are planning on renewing before the deadline of 1/12, how do we handle that?

    Do we go through homeaway/vrbo or through myvr?

    Once we renew early, I assume that just adds a year from when property would have originally expired?

    Thanks for the input.


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    @Chad-Service - If you have 5 or more properties, you can do it directly through your HomeAway dashboard. If your listing is through MyVR, that’s one that may require a specific problem ticket to report so that the tech support group can handle it on an individual level.

    And yes, when you renew early, it just extends your subscription another year with the same renewal date one year out. I just renewed quite a few of mine.


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    Thank you @Jenny-Oest. Incredibly helpful as always.

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