How to make myVr calendar on external website more mobile friendly?

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    I have been able to use the calendar app to create html code to display the myVR calendar on my website. It displays fine on desktops and on my tablet. However, on my iphone the calendar is huge and you can only see parts of it.

    My website is below if you want to see it on an iphone:

    Is there a way to make it more mobile friendly so that it becomes smaller on a smartphone?


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    I'm probably going to show my HTML ignorance here, but...

    I think when you're inserting the HTML code, do you include <img style="max-width: 100%;" height="auto".....

    I use that code for creating mobile friendly HTML messages in my templates.


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    @Jenny-Oest , I am no html expert either! Here is the code I used from the calendar widget:

    <script id="myvrCalendarScript" type="text/javascript">
    (m[t].q=m[t].q||[]).push(arguments);},m[t].l=1new Date(),a=y.createElement(v),
    myvr('calendar', {propertyKey:'861df70bdf81c3ed', showRates:true});

    You can optionally specify a unique HTML element id as a 3rd parameter
    above. If specified, the calendar will be rendered at the element
    instead of inline.
    myvr('calendar', {

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    @Surfers'-Ridge - Ok this official exceeds my knowledge base. LOL I bet a problem ticket would get this resolved for you "tout de suite"?

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