Importing rates via CSV: File type failing, but I'm sure it's right!

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    Hi there,

    I’m a new myVR user. I’m trying to import my property rates using the Setup / API & Data Access / Import / Properties section, and keep running into the message “Bad File Type: Only CSV Files are supported”.

    Just to clarify, I’m pretty handy at Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets. I’ve taken the template Rate file, downloaded it, filled in the data (including the required fields), ensured that I’ve saved it as CSV UTF-8, double-checked with Notepad to ensure that I didn’t inadvertently resave as an XLSX sheet, and I get this error message every time. It’s a simple three-line CSV file with sample rates to test the importing function before I go all out. For background, I have already created the property, and set up an External ID as required: Note that this is not failing on a given row of the import, myVR is stating it’s not a CSV file. But I’m really sure it is.

    For what it’s worth, I’m on a Windows 10 machine, using US English and just about every default imaginable.

    Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!

    John Bennett

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    @John-Bennett - I would recommend submitting a problem report - I had some similar issues when I did it the first time as well. They may need to look at your specific data to determine what’s gone wrong.

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    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I will submit a problem report – I thought I’d start here just in case I was missing something obvious.

    Just as an aside, you were the one that actually got me going on the import process: I had been looking through the forums to see if there was any mention of upload/import, and was thrilled to find someone who had asked the same question and successfully done it. I’ve learned a lot just by reading your questions and answers!

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    @John-Bennett - I’m always trying new things! 🙂

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @John-Bennett - thanks for submitting a support ticket on this issue. It has since been resolved. We can leave this post up since @Jenny-Oest gives a good reminder on when it’s a good time to submit a ticket, as now this CSV issue (hopefully 🙂 ) isn’t going to be useful info for folks moving forward.


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