Listing Site "Badges"???

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    I am now seeing several area competitors listing on HomeAway/VRBO, etc having badges such as “Premier Partner” on their lead photo.

    Is there a way for MyVR clients to obtain these badges and post to our respective listings on the Listing Sites?

    If so, please explain how to accomplish.



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    I’ve been seeing those and asking myself if I really want that designation because it comes with the Homeaway/VRBO “off platform” 10% booking fees. Still seems to be up in the air, but if Homeaway/VRBO has data that the guest found you through Homeaway/VRBO then they want 10% of that booking.


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    You have to earn the badge for starters, and it’s potentially “expensive”…lol

    There are a number of criteria that are evaluated once per quarter, and if you get the green light on ALL of the criteria, then you’ll get an invitation.

    The best thing to do if you’re interested in to call HomeAway and have them look specifically at your property to see what you need to do to qualify.

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