AirBnB integrated but it it doesn't sync the MyVR extra guest fees

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    I've recently integrated with AirBnB using the app. All went well and I can preview my AirBnB listing. However, all fees (security deposit, cleaning fees) except the extra guests fees were showing when I went to do a test booking on the AirBnB listing. How do I get that extra guest fee (in my case above 4 people) synced with AirBnB listing?


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    Thanks for the question, @Surfers-Ridge!

    The key to syncing extra guest fees to Airbnb is by creating a fee that looks like this:

    • Fee Type: Per-person adjustment
    • Fee Basis: Per-person per-night
    • included by default: on
    • optional: off
    • refundable: off

    The Airbnb API rate and fee support allows us to sync:

    • nightly rate
    • security deposit
    • cleaning fee
    • per person per night over the number of included guests

    This means that we're not able to send any flat per stay fees (except the cleaning fee and security deposit). Percent based taxes and fees are optionally baked into the nightly rate. Flat per night fees are also baked into the nightly rate.

    Hope that helps!

    -- CJ

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    Hi thanks! My mistake was that my "Fee Basis" was on the incorrect setting "Flat-rate per person" and not the one you indicated in your reply. It seems to work now as the rate on AirBnB changes to the correct amount per night, but unfortunately I couldn't test it all out because on AirBnB after I go "Request to Book" I now keep getting a "Unfortunately, that listing is no longer available for your selected dates."

    As I just listed on AirBnB through myVR today I'm hoping that after the "syncing" completes all will be well. Crossing my fingers.

    Thank again for your reply. Cheers.

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    Hey CJ,

    As far as the security deposit fee goes... can that be labeled as a nonrefundable security deposit? We have a LDW (Loss damage waiver) that we charge per booking but always have to eat for any airbnb bookings because it won't sync over.

    It is possible to use the security deposit to get around that?


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    Hi @Chad-Service ,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to create a nonrefundable security deposit.


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