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    Hi all,

    Two questions.

    1. We “installed” Google analytics but it seems to only be giving us data from one or two pages. I’m not sure what is happening. The results show 0_1514364012198_IMG_3262.jpg
      Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get it to post upright but you can see that there are no views for but 2 pages. The website is over 2 years old so it doesn’t make sense that none of those pages would have gotten any views. Is the google analytics code to be installed on each and every page of the website?

    Second question, our site is still not showing up much in google search for keywords that matter. I want to work on tweaking the page titles, descriptions etc. The keyword section allows 200 characters. Should the keywords be different for each page? Right now there is some overlap with most of the pages having the same keywords. In other words, there are some keywords that all the pages have in common. For my wordpress blog posts, Yoast plugin gives a warning if the same focused keyword is used for more than one blog post. Is that the same thing here?

    Hope that’s not confusing.

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    Hey Sherry,

    I can try to provide some help with this.

    1. Google analytics is a very complex product with a lot of different ways to segment data. Your website is setup to track multiple page views. I can’t provide much commentary on the photo you took as it doesn’t show case what section of Google Analytics you’re in or what filters you have active. For example, you could be looking at real time data, it which case it wouldn’t be surprising to only have a couple of active pages. If you provide a full screenshot I could provide a better breakdown. I would try going to “Behavior” > “Site Content” > “All Pages” within Google Analytics for a full breakdown of page views over time.

    2. Getting your site to show up in Google results is very challenging. Many books have been written on the topic and many people have built a career around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s generally not something an ameatuer succeeds at without investing a lot of time and gaining a lot of knowledge. Generally speaking, there are a number of factors that go into your search ranking, each weighted differently. For example, inbound links are heavily weighted, whereas meta tag keywords are not (in fact, most search engines readily admit they completely ignore keyword meta tags, so I wouldn’t advise putting significant effort into them). I could spend hours discussing SEO tips/triacks, but it’s not an area we focus on. There are professional SEO consultants we can put you in touch with if you’re interested. However, we only recommend SEO services for large property managers, as it’s hard to see a return on the investment without scale.

    I hope that helps.


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    Hey Sherry!

    Hope you’re doing well.

    It looks like the Google Analytics code isn’t installed correctly. I checked with and some of the pages have the code twice, others seem to be showing the code on the page. Where in the MyVr backend did you install the script? Looks like it may be there twice, which can cause configuration errors.


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    @Conrad-O’Connell - I installed it at the top on the Global HTML/JavaScript tab. I had it there for the longest time and no data was showing up at all (see attached) 0_1514478463815_Google JS Script location.PNG so I then used the HTML widget on MYVR to place it on each page so that may be why it seems to be showing up twice. I guess the next step would be to remove the code from the global HTML space and see what happens.


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    @Darrell-Looney112 MyVR has a specified place to put the tracking ID. It is under Website - Additional Options - Analytics. Put your Google Tracking ID in there, and MyVR puts it into the website code for you. I would recommend deleting the code you added in the header. Having analytics code on your website more than once will give you faulty numbers.

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    @Ann-Karako Don’t know if the image in my reply above is visible to you but that is where I had the Java Script tracking code in the first place and it wasn’t working. Just now trying the idea of placing it on each individual page as Google Analytics suggests.


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    @Darrell-Looney112 Yes, I did see your image, and that is NOT the same place that I am talking about. Under Websites - Additional Options, choose the FIRST item, which is “Analytics.” All you have to do there is input the Google Tracking ID number. You don’t have to add any code – MyVR does it for you. It looks like you went to the bottom option under Additional Options, which is Javascript/CSS. This is NOT what you need. Delete the code you put in there. You do NOT need to put it on each individual page. Take a look again and see if you can find what I am talking about – it will make the whole thing MUCH EASIER for you, and you’ll get the data you want in Google Analytics. 🙂

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    Here is where that option is, once you have the right UA- ID here you no longer need the other tracking code, correct.


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    @Ann-Karako - Awesomeness and thanks! I think that will fix the issues we’re having!

    Thanks again!


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