Importing a current active listing from my airbnb account

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    I have a listing that has been live on Airbnb since June. I am trying to see how to pull that listing into the system. From the documentation I have read and trying to follow the workflows it seems that it wants me to create a new listing and then it will publish that to my account. This is definitely not what I want to do as we have almost 50 5 star reviews and feedback and I would not like to lose that.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Eric-Sullivan - short story: the reviews will remain.

    Once you have connected MyVR to your Airbnb account, we do push in a new listing from MyVR. However, in the Airbnb account you have the option to match the listing we pushed in to one that already exists. When you do that, we take over controlling the content of the listing (rates, photos, descriptions, etc.), but the reviews will remain.

    Hope that helps!

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