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    Is there a way to force a sync with HomeAway prior to the time stated? I am making some changes to my listing (verbage and pricing) and would like to have it synced sooner than the automatic sync that will occur 18 hours from now.

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    @Carole - when you update pricing, those changes will be pushed to the listing sites right away. They won’t wait for the complete nightly update. Your verbage would not update until the regular time, but your pricing and fees will update sooner.

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    I updated rates a few hours ago (around 1pm my time) and the next sync isn’t until tomorrow morning for rates. Perhaps there is someplace within the setting I can change this?

    0_1513289044570_sync time.jpg

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    @Carole - I may be wrong about this one - I thought that rates and calendars updated on a push system, as well as availability hourly. Let me do a little checking. Maybe Danny or others will chime in before I figure it out. 🙂

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    @Carole - did you check online with your HomeAway listing? I updated to dynamic pricing just a bit ago this afternoon, and it’s already on my HomeAway listing, but the sync page you referenced doesn’t show that update. ???

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    @Jenny-Oest It did not seem like it updated but I will try again today.
    What was your update to dynamic pricing?

  • Hi @Carole and @Jenny-Oest,

    I’d like to offer some clarification around MyVR syncing rates with HomeAway. What it says in the MyVR dashboard is correct: rates are synced nightly along with property data. However, HomeAway gets the actual price for a given stay in real time.

    In other words, the rates that are synced nightly are used to estimate the cost of a property. One place where HomeAway estimates costs is when a potential renter is scanning a list of properties

    0_1514942670141_Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 5.23.27 PM.png

    On the other hand, HomeAway will get an exact quote from MyVR in real time as soon as a renter enters the stay information for a particular property.

    0_1514942865225_Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 5.16.31 PM.png


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