10% fee for non-Homeaway bookings ???

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    @Chad-Service due to privacy I would argue that MyVR would only be able to transmit a booking email back to them if it were sourced as Homeaway or VRBO or one of their sites. I am entrusted with the privacy of my guests email adddresses and I have no authorization that permits me to share that address except in service to their particular reservation.

    The officials at MyVR will have to confirm this for us.

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    I am hoping that the MyVR folks will weigh in on this topic to confirm the process and exactly what we need to do/not do to avoid the Homeaway fees.

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    Can anyone from MYVR shed some more light?

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    Sorry for the slow reply here. I just added a response to Chad’s other question on this topic, but wanted provide some details here as well. Jenny has provided some great clarification and answers thus far.

    First and foremost, MyVR will only send data to HomeAway if you use MyVR channel management and have setup a fully integrated listing using our HomeAway application. We do not send any data to HomeAway unless there is an active, fully integrated listing. I want to be clear about that up front so people with iCal only integrations or no integration at all don’t mistakenly think we send data to HomeAway.

    If, and only if, you have a fully integrated HomeAway listing through MyVR, we do report “offline” reservations to HomeAway. HomeAway started requiring this of integrated partners back in 2016 and we started reporting them in April 2016. HomeAway has indicated failure to report offline reservations can have an impact on your search ranking and overall listing performance.

    What “Offline” Reservations are Reported to HomeAway?
    We only report a subset of reservations back to HomeAway. Namely, we will only report “offline” reservations that meet all of the following requirements:

    • The property on the reservation has an active, fully integrated listing in MyVR
    • The source of the reservation is set to HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com
    • The reservation did not come from another channel
    • The reservation is in a “Reserved” state and has active financial terms

    If any of the above conditions are not meet, we do not report the reservation to HomeAway. If you have an offline reservation you would like us to report to HomeAway, make sure to manually set the source to a HomeAway, VRBO, or VacationRentals.com, mark the reservation as “Reserved”, and setup financial terms. Once all of those steps are taken, we’ll start including the reservation in our “offline” reservation report to HomeAway. (Note: if a reservation came from another channel, we will not report it as an “offline” reservation to HomeAway under any circumstance, even if you mistakenly set the source to HomeAway)

    Jenny outlined some great examples that highlights how this works. Generally speaking, you should be cautious about manually setting the source of a reservation to HomeAway/VRBO/VacationRentals.com in light of HomeAway’s new changes. We’ll be making some updates to the product soon that better highlight which reservations will be reported back to HomeAway. For now, pay close attention to the source field and only set it to HomeAway/VRBO/VacationRentals.com if you want it reported back to HomeAway.

    What Data is Included for Each Reservation?
    When we report “offline” reservations meeting the above criteria to HomeAway, we include the…

    • HomeAway listing the reservation applies to
    • Dates of the stay
    • Number of guests
    • Renter’s name
    • Renter’s email address
    • Renter’s phone number (if available)
    • Current financial terms

    If a reservation does not meet the “offline” reservation criteria, we do not send it to HomeAway.

    We do send full availability data for all fully integrated listings, but this amounts to a simple available / unavailable flag per night. If a night is unavailable, it’s marked unavailable with no other identifying information included. We do not send any information about the renter, nor do we even indicate if it’s a reservation. HomeAway only knows the night is unavailable, they are provided nothing else.

    I hope that clears things up. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    @Mike-Stachowiak - thank you for being so thorough in your response!

    “We’ll be making some updates to the product soon that better highlight which reservations will be reported back to HomeAway. For now, pay close attention to the source field and only set it to HomeAway/VRBO/VacationRentals.com if you want it reported back to HomeAway.”

    I’m looking forward to seeing those details. Will that be rolled out prior to the effective date of the HomeAway change?



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    Just a quick update - heads up…

    whenever I have a returning guest call to go straight to booking with an over the phone quote, I often grab their last reservation and then just “copy reservation” to create the new one. This has MANY added conveniences…BUT…

    It will also copy the SOURCE, and if it happens to be a HomeAway listing…you’re going to get hit with an off-platform fee, SO…

    I’m making a feature request that when copying a reservation, the source field is set to something other than a listing site. Perhaps a default option of “copied reservation” or perhaps we can set what that default would be?

    I mention this so that you stay vigilant and don’t get stung.


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    Is there also an “effective” date for which bookings listed as sourced through Homeaway will be assessed the 10% fee? Wouldn’t want bookings over the last year to “automatically” and suddenly fall into this category if they haven’t already by now.


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    @Darrell-Looney112 - you’re only subject to the off-platform fee when your listing renews AFTER March 15. Prepayment will save you some money, but if the official renewal effective date is after March 15, you’re subject to that fee.

    So, some examples:

    • Your renewal date is March 1, 2018, and you renew…you’re not subject to the off-platform booking fee until you renew again March 1, 2019.
    • Your renewal date is May 1, 2018, but you renew early on Jan 10 to save $$…you will be subject to the off-platform booking fees beginning May 1, 2018.

    Hope that helps,


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    @Jenny-Oest I believe this change was made already made. You must select the source and we won’t auto-fill it for you. @Mike-Stachowiak can you confirm?

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    @Jonathan-Murray - YAY! Thank you!!! 🙂

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