Review Requests for Homeaway and AirBNB integrated listings

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    Hi there -

    Do HA and AirBNB still send their automatic emails asking renters to leave reviews post stay, or is this no entirely up to me through myVR?

  • Hi @Dave-Both,

    I believe that Airbnb still sends automatic emails asking for reviews for your integrated listings. This, however, is determined by the channel. For the most accurate answer, please contact Airbnb’s or HomeAway’s support teams.


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    @Dave-Both - whether they do or not, I always prefer to send my request directly as part of my post-stay process. I get far more responses than they do, and I usually know in advance what they are going to say - often because I give it to them (re-feeding their own comments to me) in a format to just cut and paste 🙂

    You can set up your own automated email with the review link using a Stay email. 🙂

    • Jenny

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