HomeAway Discount % for 7, 28 night stay

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    the attached article talks about how to offer a % discount through HomeAway for a 7 night or 28 night stay. Does MyVR support this? If so how do we implement this % discount? And does this also integrate with Beyond Pricing?

  • Hi @Jenny-Oest ,

    We currently offer this same functionality in a different form. Where HomeAway allows you to set a percent-based discount on stays that are longer than 7 or 28 nights, MyVR allows you to set a total price for week-long (7 nights) or month-long (30 nights) stays.

    0_1513044645800_Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 6.10.04 PM.png

    While this isn’t quite the same as HomeAways discounts, it should allow for very similar behavior. Simply set prices for the weekly and monthly stays that are less per-night than your nightly stay.

    Regarding BeyondPricing, they create a new nightly custom rate for every night of the year. Stay length based discounts will not currently work with BeyondPricing.


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    @Danny-Eiden - is there any plan to add an option for a flat fee vs a percentage discount so that it’s a) consistent with HomeAway pricing, and b) consistent with Beyond Pricing? Beyond Pricing can do the % as HomeAway does, but MyVR in the middle is the inconsistency. Could it be an either or box, enter a dollar amount or %?

  • Hi Jenny,

    While I can’t go into any specifics, we are looking into how we handle rates compared the the rest of the market. As you mentioned, we’ve noticed some companies switching to a model that’s more centered around nightly rates with percent discounts based on the length of stay. This is definitely one of the models we’re looking at as we are evaluating the vacation rental industry.


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    @Danny-Eiden - good news for some - if you are using Beyond Pricing, they are now able to incorporate the % discount for X length stays into your pricing structure! This is very helpful! 🙂

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    @jenny-oest I’ve just started working with BeyondPricing in myVR (although I’ve used it separately with AirBNB for a couple of years). I can’t seem to find the section where you can specify a discount for 7 and 28 day stays in BeyondPricing: Would you be able to point me to the correct spot?


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