Premier Partner Pledge from HomeAway/VRBO

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    Has anyone who is integrated with HA/VRBO received an invite to take the Premier Partner Pledge?

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    @Carole - I did not get an “invitation” - I did see something, but it didn’t make sense to do it with an integrated listing. Isn’t part of the pledge to agree to book all inquiries through their system? I have a number of guests booking directly on my website because it’s easy for them to find.

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    This line from the pledge “using the Ranking Metrics page, focus on areas for improvement compared to your market” means I won’t EVER be able to sign the pledge, even though I respond within 2 minutes to every inquiry, respond personally to each review, constantly update listing pics, info and calendar, and have all 5 and 4 star reviews (60-some 5-star and two 4-star reviews).

    The new Ranking Metrics page wants me to ‘improve’ by lowering rates and accepting 2 night stays in high season. They ding me for having rates which are higher than what VRBO considers to be acceptable in my area and because I require 3 and 4 night stays in high season. There are lots of reasons that I won’t negotiate on rate and minimum stay, but ultimately the reason is that its not to my financial benefit to do so.

    For now it’s just annoying that I’ve played nice for all these years and am now being penalized because I won’t compete with properties that are inferior to mine. But it is what it is. We’ll see over time how it impacts my bookings.

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