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    Hi there -

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Right now my reso #s are 6 digits. I have an automation set up that sends an email a couple of days before guests’ arrival with their door code and I use the smarttag (or whatever it’s called) for the reservation number as their door code. For example. the guest gets an email something like:

    “Dear John - your stay with us is only a couple of days away. Your door code will be <reservation number>”

    I am copied on that email, then manually program my smart lock remotely with that number/code for the duration of their stay. (as an aside, it would be awesome if I could automate that step too…).

    In any event, 6 digits is a little cumbersome for the lock code. Any idea if I can force MyVR to shorten it?


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    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately there is not presently any way to update the reservation number. We have some exciting new functionality on the horizon that should help with your door codes though. Stay tuned!


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    @Dave-Both - why not tell the guest that it will be the first 4 digits of their reservation number? I use the first 6 digits of their cell phone number including area code, so it’s area code + exchange. Do you think they could handle dropping the last 2 digits?

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