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    We recently received a reservation through Airbnb using the channel management integration. We have been communicating with the guest directly from Myvr using email templates and automation direct to their real email address. We have received several emails from Airbnb reminding us to send driving directions and access information which we have already sent. I would like to avoid sending duplicate messages through Airbnb but want to makes sure that we keep up our response rate and document our interactions so that we have Airbnb’s backing if there are any issues with the guest. It seems like the integration should pull the guest’s actual email and the temporary Airbnb proxy email address and send messages to Airbnb to relay to the guest. This way all communication would be in myvr and Airbnb. Is there an easier way to update Airbnb without sending a message to the guest?

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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the post, this is a good question. As you’re well aware, Airbnb assigns all guests a temporary email address for privacy reasons. Any message sent to a guest’s temporary Airbnb email address is forwarded to the guests personal email address automatically. Additionally, Airbnb is able to track that a reply has occurred any time a message is sent to the temporary guest email address.

    For this reason, we encourage you to continue to communicate with the guest using the temporary Airbnb email address. Your Airbnb Channel Management integration should be creating reservations with this temporary email address and automatically using this email address going forward. This means you can reply from MyVR and all communication will be in MyVR and Airbnb.

    For the particular reservation your referencing, it appears the email address started as the temporary Airbnb email address but was later updated, potentially by the renter, at some point after the reservation was booked. From that point forward, all messages were sent to the email address the renter supplied and not the temporary Airbnb email address.

    To complicate matters, it appears we’re not accurately displaying the email address used for individual messages you sent to the renter historically, instead we’re always showing the current email address of the renter. That means there are some messages in the conversation thread that were sent to the temporary Airbnb email address but the UX is inaccurately displaying the current email address on the reservation. This is a display bug that we’re working to rectify, so you can clearly see which email address historical messages were sent to.

    I’m going to have the channel management team look at ways to handle situations like this - where the email address is updated away from the Airbnb proxy address - in the future.

    I also wanted to link to some Airbnb help content about temporary email addresses, in case anyone reading this is interested in further context.


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    Hey Mark! You may not want to send duplicate emails but this isn’t really such a bad thing and is probably only a minor nuisance to the renter. You should still CC all your emails through MYVR to the temporary AirBNB email address as well as the renter’s own email address. Not only does this document your communication through AirBNB, but also may allow the email to come up on the renter’s smart phone for convenience as well. To add another recipient email address use the “Edit Subject or CC” menu top left of the MYVR email applet. The button with parallel lines.

    Hope this helps!


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