Embed "Inquire Form" into non-MyVR website? (Squarespace)

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    I have a calendar widget embedded onto my site, but would love to also have the contact / inquire form embedded on my site that is built in Squarespace.

    I do not see this as a possibility in the Marketplace, but maybe I’m missing something and there is another way to embed this form into my site?


  • Hi @Kirk-Nankivell,

    We currently do not have a widget that embeds a contact / inquire form, but we do have a Booking Widget that will take your renters to MyVR’s instant booking / booking request page for your property.

    This widget will put a button on your page that will take your users to the booking page for one of your properties. Depending on your booking policy, renters can either book instantly on this page or request a booking pending your approval. This widget can be customized to use your own stylized button, or it can use a default button that looks like this

    0_1511375485534_Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.31.11 AM.png


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    Gotcha, thanks Danny!

    I did see this widget, but didn’t want to direct users off site given general UI / UX best practices (eg. site layout differences, etc.).

    However, this may be the best option. I’m going to explore some options with Zapier snce Squarespace’s contact form integrates with a Google Sheet. (Google Sheet gets updated > create an inquiry in MyVR).

    Thanks for your help and happy Thanksgiving!

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