Adding a Property Manager

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    Hello there -

    I’m an owner and would like to add someone to myvr to help manage a property. Is this possible? It appears that we have a feature to add owner… is this reasonable to use for this purpose or does that have deeper implications beyond allowing that person to co-manage a a given listing?


  • Hi @Darrin,

    Adding someone as an owner is useful if you are managing someone else’s property. If you set up an Owner Portal, people you add as owners can view the availability of their properties, request date blocks, and view statements that you upload. Owners do not have access to anything except for any Owner Portals you invite them to.

    Alternatively, you can add additional users to your MyVR account by going to Setup > My Account > Users and clicking “Add User”. New users will have their own username and password to log into your MyVR account and will have access to everything in your account. They will be able to help manage your property.


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    Thanks Danny - this helps!

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