Splitting properties / account due to sale

  • Morning All

    We have two properties linked to our account at the moment. We’re selling one of our properties and the purchasers will be taking on the marketing of it and likely MyVR on completion. How do i go about splitting the account?



  • Hi Robin,

    You will need the purchaser to create a new MyVR account. After they have a MyVR account, we can help you transfer the property data over from your account to the new owner’s account.


  • Thanks Danny. Will get them to do that. In terms of what i’ve already paid for for my own subscription will the timeline i had on the second property just be added to the first, or…?

  • Hey Robin,

    This is a bit of a unique case, so we don’t have a set policy in place. I’ve reached out to you via email so we can discuss the details privately.


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