If I choose not to use Stripe will MyVr still collect the credit card information for me?

  • Newcomer

    I would like to use my own credit card processor. Will my MyVr website still collect and send me the customer’s credit card information so I can charge them manually?


  • Leader

    @Chris-Prabhu I’m pretty sure you will only be able to see the name on the card, the last 4 digits of the card, and the expiration date.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Chris-Prabhu - If you use online booking through MyVR, we currently only offer Stripe as the payment processor. We will be looking to add further options in the future, which we will announce to customers once setup.

    If you wish to use alternative method for processing payments, you will want to turn off online booking for your reservations, and then you can direct the guest on how payment should be made outside of MyVR. Please note that if you are using MyVR’s channel management functionality, there are certain channels that will require online booking is set up in MyVR (via Stripe).

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