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    @Jenny-Oest Hi Jenny… any chance that you can share your templates. i’m in the middle of drafting them and could use some help

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    @steven-chester - sure! - many of them are already here. Which one do you need me to share?

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    @Jenny-Oest Hi Jenny,

    would love to see these. i’m drafting them but starting from scratch is a pain.
    links for travel insurance
    thank you for booking
    I’m booked
    Would you like fries with that… very cute!
    7 days prior
    2 days prior
    day of
    check out
    how was your stay
    depost refund

    okay… basically everything lol.

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    @steven-chester -well then!! Lol 😂

    I’m actually on the road this weekend so give me at least until Monday to get them posted.

    But in the meantime, consider this … they’re not as tough to create as you might think, and while mine will have my style, yours should reflect your own. So use mine as ideas and guides more than anything else?

    I suspect you’ve answered questions from guests already, and some of the same questions more than once. That’s when you find yourself writing the same thing over and over again. So you could just go back to your own responses to those questions, and use THOSE as starting templates too?

    I’m also working on a new one called “Just one more day?” 🤗


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    @steven-chester - the deposit refund template is already posted above. I’ll post more to follow here, but I’d encourage you to work up your own as well as I mentioned in my previous post 🙂

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    Inquiry Date Unavailable Template:

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Thank you for your inquiry on our vacation rental {{ property }}. Unfortunately, this property is already booked for the dates of {{ check_in }} - {{ check_out }}. If you have alternate dates you would consider, or if another property might suit your needs, We would love to have you as our guest. We have eight properties listed on our website at If one of those would work for you, please let me know!

    We also have several ways for you to stay connected to what’s happening in Panama City Beach:

    Our Newsletter is emailed about every 3 months with lots of information about the coming months. You can easily subscribe here:

    [Sign Up for Email Updates](includes graphic button and link - used HTML code to generate that)

    We also have a BLOG that highlights things that are happening in Panama City Beach, favorite restaurants, and topics of interest to our guests. You can read it at your leisure, or subscribe to receive an email notification when new content as been added. Feel free to check that out and subscribe if you’d like to stay connected to our posts for your trip:

    [Check Out Our Blog] (another HTML button with link)

    Thanks again for your inquiry and please keep us in mind for future travel.


    Jenny Oest
    (614) 439-7691
    Check out our website:
    Please like us on Facebook:

    (all links are active buttons in the template)

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    Travel Insurance Options Template (sent when requested):

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Here are several options for Travel Insurance. These are all offered by a third party company, but if you need to file a claim, I’m happy to provide whatever paperwork they require.

    CSA Vacation Protection Insurance (active link)

    AIG Travel Insurance (active link)

    TravelEx Vacation Insurance (active link)

    InsureMyTrip (active link)

    If you have any questions, just give me a call!


    (614) 439-7691


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    I’m Booked…Now What? Template:

    —> Thank You for Booking {{ property }} with Premium Beach Condos! <—

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Your reservation is now complete, and paid in full…so you’re probably wondering what to expect next! Right? Well perhaps these notes will help:

    Question: When will I receive my access codes or keys for the condo?

    Answer: Your Check-in Package will be sent to your email address (via HelloSign) about 7 days prior to your arrival. That package will include your unit address, phone number, access codes for the parking garage and the unit, the Wi-Fi access information, and lots of other helpful arrival information. Until then, if you have any specific questions, feel free to give me a call, text, or email.

    Question: Why do I have to initial the Check-In Package?

    Answer: When you initial the Check-In Package it does two things: it lets me know that you have received it, and it triggers an email copy to be sent to your email for easy paperless access on your trip. You should be able to open that document during your trip from any smart phone or tablet. But if you prefer to print it before you travel, it’s a PDF so that’s easy to do also.

    Question: How does the Beach Service Work?

    Answer: You will also receive several other emails from me shortly before your arrival with some last minute information. Beach Service is one of those topics! Beach Service is only available from March 15 - Oct 31. You don’t need to do anything prior to your arrival, unless you’d like to purchase additional beach chairs at a discount. Discounted chairs are limited so if you know you want extras, let me know asap!

    Question: How does the Private Reserved Parking Work?

    Answer: If you’ve included Private Reserved Parking with your reservation, you will receive an additional garage entrance code for the private garage located underneath the towers, as well as the assigned space number that has been reserved for your exclusive use. You are also welcome to park additional cars in the main garage across the street. Parking passes must be used in ALL parking spaces, including the private reserved spaces. - If you did not sign up for private parking, call me now to see if it’s available for your stay!

    Question: Why don’t you send everything all together and right now?

    Answer: Honestly, I use to - but it can be overwhelming, so many guests just don’t read it - OR - they lose it before their arrival! So I’ve found that if I wait and break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces, my guests feel more comfortable when they arrive.

    Hope this update is helpful! If you have additional questions - just give me a call!


    (614) 439-7691

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    Would You Like Fries With That? Upsell #1 Template:


    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Just in case you haven’t heard the news…

    We now have two Private Reserved Parking Spaces in the basement of the East Tower right near the east elevator. Our primary space is an extra wide space so lots of room for loading and unloading as well as easy parking. The second space we share with another owner, and it’s a regular sized space, but still near the elevator. Because there are only about 30 spaces in the basement, and many of those are owned and used by residents, this means you can avoid most of the crowds with carts and cars, especially at arrival and departure.

    This space is available for our guests to rent for an additional fee. Because we have limited spaces, we offer it on a first come basis.

    If you would like to add a space to your rental, the total additional cost including all taxes would be $141.41.

    If you’d like to add this, just give me a call or reply to this email.


    (614) 439-7691

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    Would You Like An Apple Pie Too? Upsell #2 Template:


    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Just a quick note to let you know that we still have at least one set of extra beach chairs available for rental during your stay.

    One set is already included with your rental, but if you’d like an additional set, those can be rented directly from the beach service (about $280/week) or at a discounted rate from us at $25/day or $125/week. Rental cost is determined by the total nights of your stay. You can have all of your chairs set up together when you arrive.

    If you’d like to add chairs to your rental, just give me a call at (614) 439-7691.


    (614) 439-7691


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    How was your stay template:

    *** {{ property }} ***

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Now that you are home, I’d like to ask - How did you enjoy your time in Panama City Beach?

    It’s important to us that you had a good time, since our business is all about making YOUR vacation a positive and memorable experience. If you could take just a moment to let us know about your stay, we would love to hear from you!

    Also, if you have any photos that you would like to share with us of your time in Panama City Beach, we would love to see those too! If you prefer that we not share them on our website with future guests, we will honor your request and just enjoying seeing them for ourselves. To send pics, just email them to

    We try hard to give you the best experience that we can, although we are aware of the fact that it is not always easy to manage our condo the way we’d like from such a long distance (we live in Ohio most of the year). Nevertheless, combining our efforts with the communication and help of outstanding guests such as you, we are able to maintain the Premium Beach Condos that you and other guests will want to call home year after year.

    Thank you again for choosing our condo for your holiday. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Jenny Oest
    (614) 439-7691

    P.S. We now have an “Insider’s Guide to Panama City Beach” that we’ve created on Google+. You can check it out here: Google+ Insider’s Guide to Panama City Beach Let us know what you think!

    (will be replacing this last PS with a blog link soon)

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    Review Request Template:

    I have a separate one for each property at the moment, because I created them before the custom fields were created. One day I’ll add the field and merge them! 🙂

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    Thank you so much for your glowing feedback! I’m happy you had such a wonderful time - we look forward to having you back! Returning guests are our favorites!

    Now, I have a HUGE FAVOR to ask of you 🙂

    As you know, 5-star reviews on HomeAway/VRBO are important to guests that are considering our property for their own vacation. I suspect you read the reviews on our listing before you chose our site. Would you mind sharing your kind comments with a 5-star review on our HomeAway/VRBO listing as well?

    To make it as easy as possible for you, here is the comment you wrote, which you could simply cut and paste inside the HomeAway review site.

    Author’s note: I cut and paste THEIR response to my How Was Your Stay email and/or any text or other email messages. I ALWAYS use only their own words, but I’m selective about which parts 🙂 I paste it here as a ready to post review!

    This review will help us to increase the number of great guests like you who may stay with us in the future, by keeping us at the top of the list of properties with 5 star reviews!

    We hope to have you stay with us again and since you enjoyed your stay, we also hope that you will tell all of your friends!

    To post your review, just click HERE (insert link). You can cut and paste from above, or feel free to write anything else you like. If you have any difficulties, just give me a call!

    Thanks again!

    (614) 439-7691

    P.S. We hope that you will feel confident giving us a 5-star review! We are working hard to keep our ratings at the top!

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    My 7 day template is an explanation of how our beach chair service works, and the 2 day reminder is about check-in time, how the locks work, and that they do NOT open early!

    The day of arrival is queued to send at check-in time and is just a welcome and a reminder to let me know when they have arrived. But I think with all of the above, you’ll be well on your way to developing your own.

    The next one I’m working on is “Just One More Day?” - it’s upsell #3 and designed to help fill empty nights between guests…

    Hope all those help! Did I cover it?

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    @Jenny-Oest Jenny!!! Thank you so much for not only responding but sending all the examples. I can’t tell you how much time and energy this saves me. As I pull all my messaging together and I think of possible new messages, I’ll send them your way. Thank you again. Steven

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    @steven-chester - happy to help! ☺

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    @Jenny-Oest Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your templates!!!

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    And the dreaded Guest Cancellation notice. Turns out the Travel Insurance Policy I sold a sweet mature lady requires documentation of the cancellation.

    Dear {{{ full_name }}},

    We are writing to confirm we have processed your request to cancel your Reservation # {{{ reservation_id }}} from {{{ check_in }}} to {{{ check_out }}} at {{{ property_name }}}.

    We regret you are able to join us here, and hope you will think of us should you find the opportunity to travel to our area in the future.


    Your Name

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