cannot process inquiry because it's not from an integrated channel....but it is! help!

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    I just received an inquiry through airbnb, a properly integrated channel. Except it didn’t come in the inquiries folder, it came in “Other” and there’s a message at the top that says it was unable to process this as a formal inquiry because it came from outside of a properly integrated channel.

    Airbnb is integrated!

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    Hi @Caroline-Benzel,

    Thanks for the question! We’re rolling out new Airbnb messaging integration now. Once you’ve enabled this for your Airbnb application, these inquiries will start to show up in your inbox. In order to enable this integration go to your Airbnb application which can be found here: It will prompt you to authorize MyVR to access your Airbnb messages. Once that’s complete these messages will start to show up in your inbox.



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