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    I exported myvr calendar to TripAdvisor. On MyVr calendar it shows guest booked for 4 nights Jan. 8 to 12, when it imported to the Trip Calendar it says they are staying 5 nights the 8 to 13. What is up?

  • Hey Jill,

    Each partner interprets the iCalendar feeds a little differently rather than to the specification. For this reason, we’ve added some advanced controls to overcome the situation you’re experiencing.

    From your Calendar Export settings for the iCalendar feed in MyVR. You can add or remove days from calendar events so that the feed reflects the differences in how each channel is interpreting the feed.

    I’m assuming this is for all events sent to TripAdvisor for this calendar.

    These are the advanced controls I’m referring to:

    0_1507747713708_Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.48.05 AM.png

    Thanks for the question. Hope that helps.

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