How to use Drop Down Menus

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    I’m expanding my website to include pages for local attractions. To execute this, I want to have a main menu item that says “Local Attractions”, and when you click on it, you get a drop down menu with a list of about 15 different pages that they can choose from as a destination. For example:

    Local Attractions

    • Restaurants
    • Golf Courses
    • Shopping
    • Fishing
    • Parks
    • Indoor Activities
    • Special Events
      …the list is long…

    Each one will lead to a new website page, with a “blog” format.

    Do I need to create all of the lower level pages before I create the menu link? How will I create that?



  • MyVR Employee

    Hi Jenny,

    Yes you should create your new pages first.
    Then edit your navigation, drag in a dropdown menu, and you can then search and drag in the pages you want to populate it.

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