Adding a day to a reservation.

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    I just had a guest who wanted to add an additional (available) day to her stay.

    Since she was arriving early (4am), I agreed to charge her less than the entire night rate. In the past I have set up a one off charge for late departures or early arrival fees. But her card on record had been disabled due to being compromised.

    My first attempt to add the additional day was wrong. I tried adding a new quote just for the extra day. This didn’t work because the system tried to refund the previously paid balance.

    My second attempt work, the procedure was:

    1. I copied her reservation
    2. On the Build a Quote page, I modified her check in date only.
    3. On the rental terms page, the additional amount owed that was generated from my nightly rates plus tax was displayed. Since I was charging her less than the nightly rate, I subtracted the nightly rate from the rental total and then added the lower amount I had charged her. The taxes were correctly generated from that amount.

    The payment due was correct. She was able to pay online and her reservation looks correct.

    I’m not sure if this was the best practice for using MyVR in this situation, but it did result in the correct action.

    Is there another way I could have handled this transaction?

    Thanks, Donna

  • Hi @Donna-Notaro

    When you say

    I tried adding a new quote just for the extra day

    Do you mean that you created a quote for just a single night? If so, the MyVR quote system would indeed attempt to refund the previously paid balance. This is because new quotes are supposed to replace old quotes as opposed to being added on top of old quotes.

    The correct thing to do in this situation would be to create a new quote modifying only the check in date. That is, create a quote for the new full length of the stay. This new quote will replace the old quote. The payment schedule created for the new quote will take into account previous payments, so you don’t have to worry about double charging. If you’d like to apply a discount for a night, you can subtract from the nightly rate in the rental terms just like you did in the copied reservation.

    I hope that clears things up!

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    Thank you. That is how resolved the additional day and quoted rate.

    It worked perfectly. 🙂


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