Responding to HomeAway/VRBO Reviews

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    How can I respond to a channel guest review? I have the MyVR HomeAway for Owners app installed and would like to respond to a guest’s review of my property. Since I do not have a personal HomeAway account, I am unaware of how to do this.

    Thanks – Matthew

  • Hey Matthew,

    The current process to respond to a guest review using the HomeAway for Owners offering is to open a support ticket from your MyVR account with the following information:

    1. Name of the HomeAway listing
    2. Title of the guest review you’re responding to
    3. Content of the review you’d like to post

    Feel free to include multiple responses in one ticket. Some folks like to wait for a few reviews, then respond to a group of reviews all at once.


  • Newcomer

    I see this answer for responding to HomeAway reviews is 2 years old. I want to confirm the process is still the same?

    Thank you!


  • MyVR Employee

    @Amanda-King Yes, that’s exactly right and still valid!

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