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    Anyone familiar with I’ve been in discussions with them about possibly using their platform to handle and Expedia.

    I know MYVR can do too, but can anyone tell me how the interface is? Is it similar to airbnb? Tripadvisor?

    Any thoughts on redawning? We definitely want to get on both and expedia but would prefer to keep it simplified and centralized in myvr.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hey Chad,

    I know a little. I think of them as another type of channel manager, like Rentals United and BookingPal. Probably something we add to our app marketplace at some point to let people choose whether they want to use our direct connection to channels or a third party channel manager. However, last I looked at Red Awning, I think their fees were pretty high? Made me wonder if it’s better for someone looking for full service (handing over the keys) as opposed to those who want to manage themselves with software. Perhaps someone who has more experience with them can chime in…

    Not sure how much that helps.

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    Everything helps! Appreciate your input! Do you know how easy/difficult inquiries are to handle through myvr? Do you have to use platform like Tripadvisor? or can it integrate like homeaway/vrbo?

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    I believe you’ll find it’s more like HomeAway than TripAdvisor. Bookings come directly into MyVR, and I don’t think has “inquiries”. I’ll ask someone from our channels team to point you toward some content on, or perhaps some other users can chime in. has been our most recent channel launched and is already a top channel. It performs really well in some geographies. Believe it’s very necessary to keep your calendars up to date religiously on, so you’ll probably want to have that channel managed by the same company as your others (whether it be MyVR, RedAwning, etc) and not rely on ical. Although, that’s really becoming true of all channels these days… channels aren’t as forgiving about inaccurate calendars or low conversion rates.

    FYI I think TripAdvisor will see some improvements in its connectivity with our software in the future. They’ve been investing in their connectivity (finally) and I’m excited about the potential there.

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    Ahah, that is good to hear about Tripadvisor. Not a big deal, but a minor inconvenience.

    What about Expedia? Are there plans for MYVR to try to incorporate them?

    I’ve read the 5 major OTAs are Airbnb, Trip/Flipkey, HomeAway/VRBO, Booking, and Expedia.

    Would love to be able to operate all 5 of those directly out of MYVR. I hate the idea of splitting it into a couple different channel managers or even having 3-4 on MYVR and doing one manually by itself.


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